Restore is not the same that repair?
ANo! Repair means to repair or replace defective parts, repair holes and/or dented, strengthen weaknesses or push/regular parts.
Restore means to bring a car back to its original – or make it even better than the original.
What kind of car RESTAURO-AUTO is prepared to rebuild?
AOur professional team is able to rebuild any kind of vehicle. We are geared to those who need the services and that requires the best the market has to offer.
What kind of pieces do I need to restore my car?
AThere are a number of parts involved in the restoration of a car, depending on the state of the general condition. You should request a quote and a complete analysis of the vehicle in question. We’ll take care of everything else for a complete restoration in first hand, finding or making the appropriate and best price parts.
How to get a budget for my case?
AThe process of obtaining a budget is very simple. You only need to send us some pictures of the general status of your car (indoor and outdoor) so that we can analyze what the intended service and what the best solutions at the best price.
Has RESTAURO-AUTO antique pieces for sale?
AYes! We have a wide range of parts which may be the most appropriate solution for your case. Ask us more information about the parts you are interested in and the type to which they belong (electrical, mechanical or car body parts).

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